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Sometimes Good Enough Is Good Enough

It's important to realize when we have opportunities to thrive, and when we need to survive. If you wake up having not slept, skip breakfast and have a crazy work day - that evening might not be the day to go for a PR back squat. You can push it a week, and instead go in, take 5% off the bar, tick the box and put yourself in a better position to succeed next week.

Let's apply that thinking on a macro scale. When it comes to situations that where perfect isn't an option, the third wave of a pandemic is right up there. So instead of losing sleep over the 1-2% we're missing out on, lets let's take some emotional weight off the bar. Worry less about being perfect or performing at 100% and make sure we're still ticking our boxes for the next month.

In times of uncertainty, staying in a holding pattern with your performance to give your brain some room to breath is totally fair. Below is a conversation I had with a client yesterday that I think sums it up. They live in an area that has just gone into a full lockdown.

"Honestly, lockdowns are a time to just keep moving, not an environment to thrive in. So losing some gains, maybe getting one or two sessions/week less in, don't let it get you down. Worry about using exercise to keep your brain sane > performance programming."

Sometimes, good enough is good enough.

Until next week!

Mylan Clairmont MSc, CSCS

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