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Motivation vs. Discipline

I think we've all had those moments mid-Sunday, staring at a full fridge of vegetables and lean protein - we say that this is the week we're going to get it right. Our motivation is at 100%, but by Tuesday we're back to our old ways.

It's important to differentiate between motivation and discipline. Motivation gets the ball rolling, discipline keeps obstacles out of the way. Going into this week try and think about how you can turn your "new year new me" energy into sustainable discipline.

How can you set yourself up for success? Some examples would be:

- If you're going to workout in the morning, lay your clothes out for yourself the night before.

- If you usually get snacky mid-morning, pack yourself some healthy snacks to eat at work/on the go.

- Having trouble making time for your training? Schedule it into your calendar and treat it like any other meeting

Try to find ways to make accomplishing your task day in/day out as easy as possible.

Until next week!

Mylan Clairmont MSc, CSCS

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