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How to Get Started

A good plan now beats a better plan never. It seems obvious, but for many people who have big goals the biggest barrier is the first step. I think this holds true both for people's fitness and business. Buying your new shoes, planning the perfectly periodized program, etc... before you go to the gym is similar to making sure your website is polished, business cards are printed, etc... before you announce your business launch. A lot of people are stuck worried about crossing the finish line before the race has started.

We live in a world where we ingest a record amount of content, almost all of it is curated. Social media is a game we are all agreeing to play. We're constantly comparing our life to everyone else' highlight reel. This brings on a feeling that you're doing worse than you are. Compound this with the fact that you think others are judging you as hard as you are judging yourself can lead to more and more self doubt.

The above photo is constantly on my mind. Having recently made a concerted effort to put myself out there more I always wonder who will be seeing my videos or blogs, what they think, etc... It's what stopped me from putting out consistent content for years. Since then, I've had a few Newman moments where I realized that people who get rattled by fitness content likely aren't worth stressing over.

What is the thing you've been putting off because you're worried about doing it perfectly or completely? Maybe it's the room in your house that needs 10 hours to clean so you've been waiting for a free day. Or it's the marathon you want to run, but you're winded after 2 minutes so you're thinking "maybe next year". Everyone starts somewhere, don't let other people's judgements bother you. Jim Wendler (creator of the 5,3,1 program, 1000 pound squatter) said in a video "You want to get strong? Squat heavy once a week for 10 years." It's important to remember that everyone started somewhere, and there's no time like the present.

Until Next Week!

Mylan Clairmont, MSc, CSCS

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