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Growth Through Adversity

"Time to beef up that upper body!" This is a line I would use often with rugby athletes who sustained lower body injuries. It's fairly easy to dwell on what we can't do, sometimes we need an outsider looking in to view the opportunity. In March last year when we couldn't train in person - I ramped up my online business to the point where I could support myself if I was laid off from my high performance job. COVID restrictions have come down again and now we can't train multiple households together. Now we're focusing on bringing in our current client's roommates and partners.

There is always something to focus on, it can just be difficult to see. If your gym is shut down - this might be the time to work towards that 5km race you've been thinking about. Never done a handstand? This could be the time to try it out. Always too busy to cook? COVID has got you covered - you've got more time then you know what to do with.

This isn't to say things never get shitty or that you always have to be positive. I think social media shows us everyone's highlight reel and can make you feel like you're missing out, or that you should always be positive. Sometimes you've gotta rage a little. But when the dust settles, look around for how you can focus that energy into something productive. You'll be better for it!

Stay safe!

Mylan Clairmont MSc, CSCS

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