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Well - my goal was to write one blog per week for 2021 and I'm still there! About 8 hours away from missing my deadline...but here we are. This week some things went really well. Since my last blog I have:

- Signed up new clients,

- Lined up calls for next week with another small businesses to collaborate

- Recorded a podcast

- Worked out 6 days/week

- Shoulder pressed pain free for the first time since November

- Got back to biking after my ankle injury

- Read a new fiction book

Things I missed:

- Writing this blog Monday

- Researching new training methods

- Reaching out to friends/family back home

Lots of new business popped up this week and I had to prioritize that. Similar to training, sometimes you aren't going to be able to dedicated 100% to training. Those weeks you need to get in, get the job done, and get out. Even if you didn't push forward in your training, you didn't take a step back.

On that note - I'll see you next week!

Mylan Clairmont MSc, CSCS

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