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An Outdoor Workout

With the weather turning for the better, I decided this week I'd do something a little different and put together a Build Your Own park workout! How this works: you pick your time intervals, session duration and exercises. Grab a stop watch and work! Give yourself one minute between rounds and enjoy.

Time Intervals:

Easiest: 30 sec Work + 30sec Rest (pick 5 exercises)

Moderate: 15sec Work + 15sec Rest (pick 10 exercises)

Hardest: 20sec Work + 10sec Rest (pick 10 exercises)

Session Duration: 15-30min

Exercises: Pick 5-10 depending on your time interval




Jumping Jacks


Lower Body:

Jumping/Walking/Reverse/Lateral Lunges

Pistol Squats


Glute Bridges

Upper Body:

Push Up

Plank Shoulder Taps

Front Plank Tricep Extensions

Band/Backpack Curls or Shoulder Presses


Sit Up

Flutter Kick

Side/Front/Reverse Plank

T-Plank Rotations

Mountain Climbers

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